Mar 16, 2023 | Footwear

Understanding The Different Types Of Construction Shoes That ACME Offers For Construction Workers

A worker with good mental health is an asset for any industry.

The quality of work depends mainly on the well-being of the workers. A worker who feels at home is likely to show dedication to work. As the supervisors of workers' welfare, it is crucial to include comfortable and secure construction safety shoes for their protection.

Construction/infrastructure workers are prone to unforeseen accidents that threaten their lives on the site. They must wear anti-slip, lightweight, and shock-absorbing safety shoes. The top safety shoe brands in India,like ACME, consider the safety and comfort of the worker's feet in every design. They devise innovative ideas for construction safety shoes without compromising comfort, quality, and product life.

Here is a list of the top 5 safety shoes designed and manufactured by Acme for construction workers.

  1. Supple Plus

    Anatomically shaped with a curved heel and rounded edges for greater comfort after long wear. The unique anti-torsion system for better stability protects the ankle from twisting. Acme, as a leading safety shoe manufacturer, has designed soft, breathable, absorbent CORDURA lining with anti-bacterial treatment for odour control. The temperature resistance of the sole is a maximum of 300°C after one minute of exposure.

  2. Supple

    This footwear boasts a unique anti-torsion mechanism that enhances stability and guards against ankle twists. It features a CORDURA lining that is imported, soft, and breathable, with an anti-bacterial treatment to prevent unpleasant odours. The Orthocomfort insoles come with anti-bacterial properties, further ensuring hygiene and comfort. The shoes are also equipped with antistatic properties and can withstand electrical resistance ranging from 100Kohm-1000Mohm. They can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C for one minute and are resistant to skidding, oil, chemicals, and fuel with a 45 mm capacity. The shoes have a toe height of 20mm.

  3. Acrobat

    These shoes have been certified by both CE and ISI and meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 S2 | HRO SRC standards. It has a cemented construction with a double-density EVA-rubber sole for increased durability, safety, and comfort. The material of the upper portion of the shoe is high-quality black microfiber in a nubuck finish, which has water-repellent properties. It also features Respiro mesh and an "Ultrans-Tech" reflective logo.

  4. Tumbler

    The construction shoes feature nickel-plated, round brass eyelets and an extra wide, rust-proof, powder-coated alloy steel toe cap, certified to withstand 200 Joules of impact. They have anatomically shaped lasts with curved heels and rounded edges, ensuring maximum comfort even after extended periods of wear. Additionally, they have a distinct anti-torsion system that provides more stability and protection against ankle twisting.

  5. Trapez

    The imported PERMASPUN lining is soft, breathable, and absorbent, with an anti-bacterial treatment to control odours.The Orthocomfort Insocks have anti-bacterial properties as well. These shoes are free of Azo dyes as they use water-based adhesives in compliance with European norms. The shoes' sole is antistatic with electrical resistance ranging from 100Kohm to 1000Mohm. They can withstand a temperature of up to 300°C for one minute and are resistant to skidding, oil, chemicals, and fuel. The heel height is 38mm, and the toe height is 28mm. The fitting is EE, and the last is 522. The shoes are available in sizes 39 to 44.


It's crucial for workers involved in construction work to prioritize their safety by wearing appropriate construction safety shoes that can protect their feet from electrical hazards, slips, falls, and other serious accidents.

Choosing the best safety shoes in India can be challenging, as it requires finding shoes that meet specific criteria and adhere to industry standards. Fortunately, Acme, as a leading safety shoe manufacturer, offers a wide range of safety shoes that cater to every industry, making it easier to find the right shoes for the job.

Avail the best safety shoes of India, shop now at ACME.