Apr 28, 2023 | Footwear

5 Things To Look For When Choosing Safety Shoe Manufacturer

Why is there a need for industrial safety shoes?

Industrial workspace is prone to unforeseen accidents and mishaps. Workers' lives are always at risk at industrial sites because accidents are untimely and result in horrible injuries. That is even more true and concerning when viewed from the perspective of an organization.

Injuries and accidents hamper the workers' productivity and, eventually, the overall work of the industry. Safety shoes are the prime perpetrator of accidents. Loose-fitted or tight shoes cause discomfort and lower the workers' working spirit. Hence, select a safety shoe manufacturer that considers industry requirements while designing shoes.

5 Factors To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Safety Shoe Manufacturer

While choosing industrial safety shoes based on size and material is crucial, attention to the safety shoe manufacturer is also essential. The top safety shoe brands in India, like Acme, ensure the highest levels of safety, quality raw materials, and customer-centric footwear solutions.t.

Look into these five factors while selecting a safety shoe manufacturer for your industry

  • History of the safety shoes manufacturer
  • Look for standard labels
  • Analyze industry requirements
  • Characteristics of the safety shoes
  • Look into the clientele
  1. History of the Safety Shoes Manufacturer

    The history of a business tells a lot about its products and services. It is the indicator of a business’s goodwill.

    At Acme, we prioritize the comfort of our customers with high-quality industrial safety shoes to protect the workers' feet.

    Acme holds its head high with the latest innovations and developments in the market of the best safety shoe brands in India. Over 25 years, it has worked on the technical requirements of safety shoes to make the process environmentally friendly and suitable for industries.

    ACME designs electrical safety shoes, cement safety shoes, construction safety shoes, etc., for workers across the industry.

  2. Look for Standard Labels

    Standardization of products helps to compare the top safety shoe brands in India. It reduces confusion and discord while finalizing the construction safety shoes, for you can weigh which shoes have received standards for safety, protection, and occupational footwear.

    ACME's safety shoes have received standard labels like EN ISO 20345 or EN 345-1, EN ISO 20346 or EN 346-1, and EN ISO 20347 or EN 347-1. The kind of occupational risk determines which shoe to choose. As with all footwear, some additional requirements make ACME the best safety shoe in India, such as insulation against heat and cold, resistance to penetration, or electrical resistance via ESD.

  3. Analyze Industry Requirements

    The type of industry and potential hazards are essential factors to consider before finalizing the construction safety shoes. For example, safety shoes for construction might not be suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Always select a safety shoe manufacturer that can offer shoes according to the industry.

    ACME has refined itself over 25 years and manufactured safety shoes for over ten industries. You can find shoes for construction, mining, engineering, manufacturing, food, FMCG, petroleum, hospitality, cement, chemicals, etc.

  4. Characteristics of the Safety Shoes

    Reputable companies often offer complete details of their industrial safety shoes on their website. It simplifies the shoe procurement process. The clients find it easy to navigate the products and thus have higher chances of a satisfactory customer experience.

    Acme has a dedicated page highlighting all their products' safety features and characteristics. Some features that Acme safety shoes share are:

    • CE approved
    • ISI approved
    • Anti-static
    • Metal-free
    • Cushioning sole
    • KPU Uppers, etc.
  5. Look into the Clientele

    The customer line shows the credibility of any brand. The clientele list is like a testimony of the brand. It showcases a company's value in terms of its service and what to expect from them.

    Acme has an established and ever-growing clientele in various sectors like automobile, cement, chemical, electronics, FMCG, mining, and petrochemicals. The company has catered to well-known brands like Castrol, JK Tyres, Toyota, Aditya Birla, Tata Steel, etc.


The definition of quality extends beyond merely meeting product specifications. Acme prioritizes high-quality raw materials procured from specialized suppliers to ensure safety. These standards are consistent across a diverse range of products. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation is apparent in the in-house R&D facility, which produces unique solutions that combine safety, comfort, durability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness.

ACME's dedication to excellence has earned it numerous accolades, including the prestigious 'Make In India' Award from the Government of India and the recognition as 'India's Small Giant.'

Visit ACMEtoday to choose the most suitable safety shoes for your industry.