Nov 21, 2022 | Footwear

ACME: Preventing Workplace Slips, Trips, And Falls Since 1994

Who would have thought that a company that started making construction safety shoes would now be the leading face of the industry? But nothing comes without hardship, labour, and the willingness to do something different—the vertex where ACME has been shining results from rigorous research since 1994. From designing the shoe shape to attaching the toe cap, every step of the safety shoe manufacturing process undergoes the vigilance of the safety supervisor.

Till today ACME has mass-produced over 40,00,000 pairs of  shoes for construction sites. maintaining a close eye on every pair's shape, size, and the quality shows how acme keeps workers' safety and comfort in mind while designing new safety shoes.

Tips for choosing the best monsoon safety shoes

  1.  Safety along with Quality

    Construction sites are most prone to accidents. These areas run the chances of unforeseen dangers like slips, trips, falls, electrocutions, and physical harm. While on duty, factories must ensure that their workers are safe and secure. The finest materials must be used when designing and stitching shoes for construction sites to keep the feet safe.

    At Acme, high-quality raw material goes into the production of construction safety shoes to ensure the safety of the workers. Considering our quality and safety, contractors and factory owners can rest assured since we are the best safety shoe brand in India.

  2.  In-house Manufacturing

    The process of shoe manufacturing has multiple steps. Each step has its own importance that requires detailed eyes. ACME covers every step of the manufacturing process under critical supervision.

    Since 1994, we have worked towards creating shoes for construction sites to prevent slips, trips, and falls. With so many years of experience, we focus on the in-house manufacturing of shoes for better quality and durability. The in-house process helps to ensure that we use the top-quality raw material from the beginning till the finished product. For the final touches, our in-house team of construction safety shoe manufacturers adds the laces and zippers.

    As every step is performed internally the quality inspection becomes easier. We can easily pinpoint the problem areas of the footwear and fix them effortlessly.

  3.  Research & Development Labs

    ACME promotes innovation and improvisation in the manufacturing process. As such we’ve got a lab solely dedicated to the research and development of shoes for construction sites. This research and development adds more comfort and improved support to construction safety shoes.

    The research and development department also inserts specific technologies into the shoes for construction sites to make them more wearable. Some innovative technologies in safety shoes are PU insoles, composite toe, heel cradle, TPU inserts, Roboline technology, anti-perforation insoles, etc. These high-quality insertions protect the workers and prevent slipping, tripping, and falling on undulating or unfavourable surfaces.

    Before launching the shoes they’re out for various tests. For example, on the clay tile surface, stainless steel surface, detergent surface, etc. Examining the shoes for construction sites against every possible backdrop helps to establish an idea about what the performance of the shoes would look like for future use.

  4.  Special Attention to Customisation

    ACME has busted the myth of the one-shoe-fits-all idea. In a factory where there are hundreds of workers, 4 out of 10 workers have completely different shoe sizes which are sometimes the sizes are too small or even too big. ACME came up with the best solution to provide customized shoes for construction sites in such unfavourable situations.

    While manufacturing customizable  shoes, our manufacturers focus on the tailor-made order and stay true to the individual size and fit. customization is essential as it makes the shoes more comfortable and also has more durability. a shoe size that fits perfectly protects the feet from unnecessary falls and trips.


ACME has been researching, implementing and working toward making better footwear for construction site workers since 1994. The one motivating goal that has kept us going is the safety of the workers and protecting their feet from unprecedented dangers. While creating the best safety shoe brand in India, ACME has focused on analyzing the present collection, the possible drawbacks and improving them. And while collecting this essential feedback, the research and development department shoes for construction sites.

Not only comfort but also ergonomics are also put into play while making the safety shoes.

The long-standing hours of the workers were a significant reason for the introduction of such a wide range of construction safety shoes, irrespective of gender.

With protection in mind, ACME is consistently working toward improving the shoes for the construction site.