Apr 28, 2023 | Footwear

How Acme Became The Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Safety Shoes

What once began with 100 pairs a day is now over 11,000 pairs a day.

Acme as a safety shoe manufacturer, has travelled a long way to provide workers with the best safety shoes in India.It simplified the demand-supply equation of safety shoes in the market and resolved the scarcity of industrial safety shoes. Focusing on customers' needs, the in-house R&D facility developed safety shoes that combine security with durability, comfort, and affordability.

As a top safety shoe brand in India, Acme offers a range of safety shoes for several industries like construction, electrical, automobile, cement, infrastructure, mining, pharmaceuticals, etc.

While becoming a renowned face of the industry was not easy, Acme rose as the leading safety shoe manufacturer with its unbeatable efforts and resilience.

Here are five factors that set Acme apart from other safety shoes manufacturers-

  • Research & Development
  • Concern for Environment
  • Certifications
  • Range of Products
  • Adherence to Safety Requirements
  1. Research & Development

    The success of any product or service depends on its research and development.

    The Acme technical team designs electrical safety shoes, cement work shoes, mining safety shoes, construction safety shoes, etc., that are among the safest without sacrificing comfort, quality, or product life through constant innovation, cutting-edge materials and high-performance components.

    ACME's research and development led to the creation of Amphirespiro technology, Pedi Torque,Amphirespiro technology, Pedi Torque, Cozy Pulse, Composite Toe Cap, Ortho Comfort, etc. These inventions created a new channel in the industry of safety shoes. It presented ACME at the forefront and turned it into what it is today.

  2. Concern for Environment

    Any manufacturing process leaves an impact on the environment during the process.

    ACME pitched its unique project, 'ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY MANUFACTURING INITIATIVE,' to recycle and reuse the waste generated in manufacturing industrial safety shoes. The idea that wastes raw materials from various parts, such as leather, vamp lining, quarter lining, insole, PU, and foam, could be combined with a base material to produce foam for shoe collar linings was the breakthrough.

  3. Certifications

    The type of industry and potential hazards are essential factors to consider before finalizing the construction safety shoes. For example, safety shoes for construction might not be suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Always select a safety shoe manufacturer that can offer shoes according to the industry.

    The certifications also conform to the quality standards, establishing trust in the brand and its products.

    Being a top safety shoe brand in India, ACME ensures certification adherence in all its products. ACME approves its industrial safety shoes with ISI and CE approvals.

  4. Range of Products

    What made ACME stand out from the crowd? Its dedication to providing for every industrial worker.

    Safety shoes are necessary as the workers' feet are prone to accidents, irrespective of the industry. ACME considers the concern of every worker. Its R&D team designs and manufactures safety shoes for cement, automobile, chemicals, construction, electronics, food, FMCG, mining, pharmaceuticals, services, etc. industries.

  5. Adherence to Safety Requirements

    Considering the type of industry and potential dangers is essential when selecting safety shoes. The primary parameters for choosing safety shoes are industry and potential hazards. The shoe specification makes it easier to choose shoes for specific industries.

    Based on the potential risks, the safety shoes adhere to the safety requirements to


Acme leads India's No. 1 safety shoe producer for many reasons.

  • Acme's primary business and expertise is the production of safety shoes.
  • Acme offers excellent Value for Money (VFM) products without sacrificing quality.
  • Everything, from leather uppers to soling and finishing, is made in-house, which helps to control costs and quality.
  • Acme has established long-term relationships with India's top leather tanneries, ensuring prompt deliveries.

Acme established itself as a brand name among the best safety shoes in India through the most valuable asset, "Our All India Distribution Network," Acme distinguishes itself by providing solutions of strategic value that are cost-effective, ethical, dependable, and of high-quality. It is currently shipping containers to markets in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Worldwide, there is a vast array of offerings tailored to specific regions.

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