Nov 21, 2022 | Footwear

Ortho Comfort: The Best Orthopedic Solution for Maximum Comfort

There are numerous reasons for the decrease in the productivity of workers. Some obvious grounds are lack of motivation, scarcity of resources, poor communication, disorderly ideas, etc. Things start getting worse when their physical fitness has an impact. Have you ever wondered why industry workers feel lethargic after 2-3 hours? The most obvious answer is the pressure on their legs.

The optimum standing hours for a human being is less than 4 hours. Any work that involves standing for more than that is a reason for discomfort. It is even more prevalent in the case of industry workers. They have to stand for over six hours a day. According to some medical specialists, such extensive working hours negatively affect mental and physical health. If ignored, it can turn into significant health issues and risk factors.

Some side effects of long-standing hours are:

  • Stiff neck
  • Lower back pain
  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • Restless legs
  • Pain in legs and feet
  • Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • Cadiovascular diseases.

One obvious solution to tired feet is the top safety shoes in India that can absorb and distribute exhaustion. While talking about safety shoes, one product that has revolutionized the market of shoe accessories is the Ortho Comfort by ACME.

What is Ortho Comfort?

One problem that every worker gets is the discomfort of the heels and toe balls while wearing the safety shoes. As a safety shoe company, ACME introduced Ortho Comfort. These are insoles that when placed in the shoes make the walk more comfortable and relaxed. They not only provide support to the feet but also give a cushioned layer that distributes the sudden impact of energy when you walk.

The insertion of Ortho Comfort changes ordinary shoes into the best safety shoes. When we talk about safety shoes, it is assumed to be heavy and uncomfortable. However, the Ortho Comfort insoles add more protection to the underside of the feet. These insoles are like padding that can be put in any safety shoe, irrespective of the shape and size.

Features of Ortho Comfort insoles

  • The material of cushion comfort uses PU (polyurethane). Polyurethane is a flexible foam often used in making mattresses, furniture upholstery, carpets, etc. The Ortho Comfort from ACME, the best safety shoe brand in India, uses these liners to add extra comfort to the long-standing hours of the workers.
  • The upper surface of PU has a layer of breathable fabric that allows the proper flow of air and also adds extra cushioning.
  • The tiny air ducts help in sweat absorption and moisture management. It is best suited for workers who need to keep their safety shoes on for long durations.
  • Ortho Comfort provides extra support to the foot from all sides. The flexible material of the insoles easily adjusts the insoles and the feet. It gives maximum support to the feet.

Benefits of using Ortho Comfort

  •  Benefits of using Ortho Comfort

    Long hours of standing can create static pressure that sometimes spreads through the nerves of the limbs. Ortho Comfort, inserted into the best safety shoes in India, elevates their features from every aspect. The energy return of the insoles also levels the extra energy accumulation. It levels out the excess intensity put on the heels and balls of the feet due to long standing hours.

  •  Dynamic technology

    The dynamic technology of Ortho Comfort makes it light in weight and flexible. It doesn’t feel like an extra weight on the feet. The light density of 0.4 gm/cc also doesn’t leave any extra heaviness on the legs.

  •  Decrease in fatigue

    The workers need to keep standing for extensive hours due to long production hours, lasting assembly lines, continuous to and fro movement, etc. The direct effect of such a posture falls on the feet which results in fatigue and tiredness. Ortho Comfort offers a thickness of 15mm around the heels, 6mm in the midsection, and 3.5mm to the toes and distributes the muscle tension through the insoles.

Bottom line

Workers and labourers need to be aware of their footwear. The footwear from the best safety shoe brands in India offers better support to the feet. The workers and labourers need them for better health, productivity hours, and to cope with intense working conditions.

ACME’s Ortho Comfort shoe accessory elevates the importance of safety shoes in the life of everyday workers. It offers them consistent comfort and safety that helps them pull off a productive day without any pressure on their feet. It is easy to insert and take out, which makes it travel-friendly. Do you also want to avail the top safety shoes brand in India? Buy now from the range of safety shoes from ACME store to avoid losing the best pair.