Dec 16, 2022 | Footwear

Safety Shoes Of The Future: I-Feet Stellar

What is the primary purpose of a pair of safety shoes? Safety shoes protect the feet of the workers against any vocational hazards like slips, trips, falls, machinery breakdown, shedding, electrocution, etc . Since workers deal with heavy weight and loads, it is crucial to keep the status of their feet in check.The rigid and best safety shoes in Indiaensure their feet are shielded and secure while working.

A worker's attire must include safety shoes. Still, it is crucial to understand which types of shoes are appropriate for different industries, as different industrial setups have independent safety shoe requirements. A pair of shoes suitable for the automobile industry might not be the same for the manufacturing industry.When in doubt about the choice of safety shoes for the workers, it is best to go by the advice of a safety shoe company.
Acmeis one such company for the best safety shoes in India that offers a wide range of industry-safe footwear. There are numerous shoes to choose from; however, the star product is the I-Feet Stellar.

Let’s learn more about the safety shoes of the future, I-Feet Stellar.

About I-Feet Stellar

When we think of safety shoes, the construction industry comes to mind. But we often forget about the manufacturing sector. ACME is one of the few safety shoe companies that offer exclusive safety shoes for the manufacturing industry. These are light weight safety shoes designed concerning comfort and support factors.

The workers in the manufacturing industry need to take long walks to move from one machinery to another. The general safety shoes are heavy because of the raw material to protect the feet against boulders and gigantic objects. These shoes slow down the walking speed. The workers of manufacturing industries require lightweight safety shoes that make their movements agile.

Anatomy of I-Feet Stellar

I-feet stellar range of safety shoes has a unique build. Let’s check in detail the design of the futuristic shoes.

  • The sole of the I-feet stellar was the first point of consideration for our manufacturers. The material used is DIP double-density PU-PU. The thickness of the sole protects the feet from unwanted and sharp objects. It offers a cushioned layer that gives soft support while walking and works as a shock absorbent.

  • The base of the shoe has ridges that make it slip-resistant. These cuts also offer a robust grip on the surface. The cuts also turn them into waterproof safety shoes.

  • The cleats of the shoes are wide and gaping. It easily cuts through the rough terrain, dust, and grime.

  • The heels and toes are 45mm and 33mm, respectively. Both ends are high enough for easy shock absorption.

  • The underside of the heels is slanted in structure to reduce the risk of sudden slips.

Safety features of I-Feet Stellar

  • TThe toe cap used in I-feet stellar uses a composite material that is non-magnetic and provides thermal polices The manufacturers have made lightweight safety shoes to ensure that the workers don’t feel discomfort while walking in them.

  • Sweats are bound to form when the footwear is on for too long. The insoles have ultra-cushioned bottoms that are sweat-absorbent and ergonomically comfortable.

  • I-feet stellar are slip resistant to every type of floor, be it oily floor, clay tile surface, or stainless steel surface.

  • TThe inner material of the waterproof safety shoes is a breathable fabric. Hence, it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

  • The PU insoles are great at shock absorption and distribution. They provide relief at the pressure points of the heels and underside of the feet.

Clients who have used the I-Feet Stellar

  • Adani
  • Asian Paints
  • Castrol
  • Caterpillar
  • Cipla
  • Coca Cola


Safety shoes serve the sole purpose of keeping the workers’ feet secure and safe from dangers like slips, trips, falls, loss of balance, allergies, electrocution, static shock, etc. They need to be light in weight, slip-resistant, comfortable, and durable. All these features sum up the qualities of the best safety shoes in India, and ACME has introduced all the features in the I-Feet Stellar range.

The I-feet Stellar range has proven to be a boon to the workers of manufacturing industries. These shoes are resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. The durability of the safety shoes proves the quality material sued in making the shoes. Visit ACME to get your hands on some of the best safety shoes in India.