Feb 16, 2023 | Footwear

The Best Safety Shoes To Protect Your Workforce From Industry Hazard

What are industrial hazards?

When the working environment has the potential to cause harm, illness, or death, it is considered a workplace hazard. Equipment, hazardous materials, unsafe work practices, and human behaviour are just a few factors that can pose a threat in the workplace.

How to spot common dangers?

Process or task analysis: Observe what is around you as employees carry out their responsibilities and clients' exercise.

Workplace inspection: A physical examination of the workplace environment.
Workers' feet are in direct contact with every possible hazard. The mishaps are usually unforeseen; hence your workers need extra care to protect their feet. They need construction safety shoeto protect them from trips, slips, and falls.

How Do Various Industries Impose Potential Dangers?

The industries that undergo the most severe accidents are the oil, chemical, and fuel industry.

Oil Industry

Drilling and maintaining oil and gas wells require a wide range of tools and materials. Since they operate in highly complex environments and are a critical infrastructure sector with a restricted margin for error, oil and gas companies face particular challenges. Acrobat and Supple are safety shoes from the Dynamo range of ACME. They come with anti-skid soles, perfect for the oil and chemical industry.

Chemical Industry

The chemical hazard in the industry is directly related to the chemical handling job. A chemical hazard is a threat to human health or physical well-being posed by chemicals. Dangerous chemicals can cause severe harm to the body and even lead to death. Before handling that, individuals must have complete knowledge of the chemical. Consequently, before putting the employee or contractor on the shop floor, it is recommended that they receive job-specific training following SOP. The PPE kit should include shoes from the top safety shoe brands in India, like Acme,to secure workers' feet.

The perfect solution for outdoor workplace adversities is safety shoes. Using anti-slip shoes by the best safety shoe brand in India can help keep the feet safe and secure in the oil and chemical industry. Acme has a dynamic shoe range which includes the Acrobat  and Supple  shoes.

Gas Industry

Gases have the potential to pose numerous threats to one's health. The gases catch an open flame; however, any environment can pose a fire risk due to frictional heat, welding tools, or even hot surfaces.

Acme’s Copper Chimneyrange includes Copper Chimney Ultra, safety shoes that are resistant to oil, chemical, and fuels. They can withstand a temperature as high as 350 degrees.

Features of Acrobat and Supple Shoes

  • The sole of both Acrobat and Supple shoes have a thick cushion, which helps shock absorption and equal energy distribution.

  • The base of the shoes has large cleats making it easy to walk on difficult terrain and rugged surface.

  • The cleats of the shoes are wide and gaping. It easily cuts through the rough terrain, dust, and grime.

  • The heels have an angled position that assists in anti-slip movement by providing resistance to oil, fuel, and chemicals.

  • The large surface area of top safety shoe brands in India cuts through the heavy dust and grime.

  • Large cleats cut through the water.

Safety Features of Acrobat and Supple Shoes

  • Acrobat and Supple are slip-resistant and suitable for oil, fuel, and chemical industries. Both shoes use a dynamic friction coefficient and meet the SRC requirements.

  • Both the construction safety shoesof the dynamic range are ISI certified as per AS 15298.

  • Acrobat and Supple use eco-leather that is hypoallergenic and acid resistant.

  • The water-resistant safety shoes have a fabric inside that breathes well. As a result, it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


The hazards related to the oil, chemical, and fuel industries entail multiple risks. Some jeopardies related to the oil, chemical, and fuel industries are-

  • Falls

  • Crash injuries

  • Exposure to dangerous and toxic chemicals

  • Lacerations

  • Slips and trips, etc.

All the workers have the right to safety and protection from every possible danger that comes with working in these industries.

Acme takes pride as the best safety shoe brand in India. It designs and sells construction safety shoes prioritizing the well-being of the workers. Visit the site to discover an exclusive range of safety shoes for your workforce.